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S.W.A.P. (Share, Witness, Account & Pray) Groups!

Are you interested in continuing your table family confidential atmosphere? Send an email to kairosoutsidehouston@gmail.com Enter "S.W.A.P." in subject line!



If God has blessed you with this talent, please let us know!  This community needs you!!!

Did you know...Kairos Outside sends speakers to Kairos Inside Closings?  If you are interested in attending a KI Closing ceremony, as a speaker for KO, either now or in the future,
please contact Cindy Serio at cserio@m-sfm.org or call 832-330-3973.

PLEASE NOTE: Deadline for applications are usually 3 weeks before Closing.
Also, you cannot attend a Closing if you are on that particular Unit's visitor list.   
KOH Advisory Council

The KOH Advisory Council is made up of servants who feel called to provide leadership
for the benefit of the health and direction of the ministry.

The KOH Advisory Council meetings are open to the 
community (unless otherwise noted) and are held every six weeks on Saturday and run from 9am - 1pm. 

  2019 Meeting Dates:

March 2nd 

April 13th

May 25th (closed meeting - Advisory Council Retreat)

July 6th

August 17th

September 28th

November 9th

December 14th

March 2nd Meeting Location:

  Harvestwood Apartments  
  4550 South Panther Creek  
  The Woodlands, TX 77381  
  2nd Floor Community Room  

To find out what is happening in the Kairos Community

within the US and abroad, click on the links below...
you will be amazed!

Kairos Prison Ministry Website

Kairos of Texas Website

 My Kairos Website


Can't Serve on the Upcoming Weekend?
Here are some alternate and just as important ways to be a blessing!!

If you are donating Agape for a KO weekend,
please keep the following KPMI policies in mind: 

  • 40 pieces for personal Agape - must be an identical item; however, it may be different colors/designs
  • Names, Reunion Groups or Church information are not to be included on any Agape
  • No last names on Wall Agape
  • KOH weekends are 100% fragrance free

  If you have Agape to give or would like more information, please email KOH AGAPE!

Prayer Vigil

We do not ask that you commit to a specific time to pray for the Weekend,
but only that you keep the Weekend, Guests, Team and Volunteers in your continued prayers.
Only your first name will be used on the Prayer Vigil to ensure confidentiality.
To sign up for the Prayer Vigil, let us know at KOH Prayer Partner!



Become a Weekend Servant – Day Angel 
There are some very special people who come to help on Kairos Outside Weekends.
They serve behind the scenes to help keep things running.
They may be the first to arrive and the last to leave.  We refer to these gifts as “Day Angels.”
We encourage you to make a commitment for a few hours or an entire day to support
the Kitchen or Agape Teams, run errands, provide transportation, pray in the Speaker’s Chapel,
or assist with set up in the Chapel.

To sign up to be a Day Angel,
please send your name and contact information to our
Angel Coordinator


Fundraising (Green Agape)
To send a donation by mail, send check or money order to:
Kairos Outside - Houston
PO Box 841213 Houston, TX 77284

To make a donation by credit card, please visit:

KPMI Donation - Credit Card

Make sure you designate your generous donation for Kairos Outside Houston!

All donations are tax deductible.
Questions can be emailed to